• The TrunQ

    Going back to basics and appreciating life is what TrunQ is all about. Its 3 times Red Dot award winning design, by the renowned German designers Christian Kusenbach and Martin Sessler, resembles a hollowed out log. A steel log with a basic look that combines the functionalities of a braai, a grill and a firepit. And because of its well thought-out design, the TrunQ enables you to grill your food and kindle the fire simultaneously.

We humans have always been fascinated by fire. It has always played an important role in our lives. Even today in modern society, people feel the desire to retreat to their backyards where they can cook a meal over an open fire and just take it easy. While gazing at the flames dancing above the embers, they can take in a deep breath, forget what was on their minds and simply be content.


Grilling food and kindling the fire side by side

Its length of 1 metre is definitely what gives the TrunQ that little bit extra. You simply slide the grill to one side over the charcoal and then start grilling your food there while kindling the fire next to it.

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